Who is Rae?

Islander from the Maldives; that's me in a coco-nutshell. I love sunshine, abundant oceans and beautiful, salty people. 

I write to nourish my soul... sometimes my belly. 

Honestly, I'm inspired by civic action in general, but because what stirs me tends to be 'green issues' (or blue, if you're where I'm from), many people have dubbed me an environmental journalist, and sometimes call me an activist. 

Me? I am proud to call myself a ocean warriorThat said, I'm definitely not keen on being constrained in a box. 

Journalism is about honouring the truth. If my writing happens to inspire someone to help protect our planet, that's all the tick marks I need. Its why I do what I do. 

I try to write about what matters most to me , and to my people. All of my efforts are driven by a profound need to preserve and protect our shared future and joy. 

When I'm not furiously tiring out my keyboard, you can find me at the beach; doing a lil reading, cleaning or exploring.